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Building HVAC Science

Jan 26, 2024

Bill & Eric had a great time digging into the details of all things IAQ with John Ellis.


Our conversation covered a new air filtration product developed by John in collaboration with Dustfree. 


Eric queried John on the applications for and design of the product. John with his 43 years of field experience, describes...

Jan 19, 2024

Eric and I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Dominick Guarino the Chairman & CEO of the National Comfort Institute (NCI) about its mission to improve the HVAC industry through education and training. Here are the key points:

NCI's origin and mission:

  • Founded in 1998 by Dominick Guarino and the late Rob...

Jan 12, 2024

Eric and I had a great time learning about Classset, a platform that connects skilled trades workers with potential employers. Here's a 3-paragraph summary:

Classset was founded by Cooper Newby and his co-founder Nick Jones, who were inspired by their previous experience recruiting blue-collar workers and their belief...

Jan 5, 2024

Eric and I had the pleasure of interviewing Shawna Henderson, as self-proclaimed building science wonk: who works to keep it real in the field and make it real with online training for builders and renovators.

A unique thought she shares were her remarks on building science haiku: how structure, components and...