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Building HVAC Science

Jan 12, 2024

Eric and I had a great time learning about Classset, a platform that connects skilled trades workers with potential employers. Here's a 3-paragraph summary:

Classset was founded by Cooper Newby and his co-founder Nick Jones, who were inspired by their previous experience recruiting blue-collar workers and their belief in the potential of the skilled trades. They saw a need for a platform that would help people learn about and access skilled trades careers, and Classset was born.

Classset offers a variety of resources for both job seekers and employers. Job seekers can find information about different trades, compare salaries and training requirements, and even build profiles showcasing their skills and experience. Employers can post job openings, screen candidates, and connect with qualified workers. Classset also has a focus on mentorship and apprenticeship programs, recognizing the importance of hands-on learning in the skilled trades.

Classset is still a relatively new platform, but it is growing rapidly. The company has developed a number of innovative features, such as the "Periodic Table of Skilled Trades" and a free applicant tracking system, to help connect job seekers and employers. With its focus on making skilled trades careers more accessible and attractive, Classset has the potential to make a real difference in the lives of many people.

AI prescreening and recruiter screening for candidates weeds out the 40% of candidates who are unresponsive so you only interview people who fit your 'must have criteria'.
Companies simply funnel the marketing spend that they would put into other job boards and we manage all the ads and screening for companies.

At the end of the day, trades companies and candidates are only getting busier so we want to make it as easy for people to connect and advance their careers.

Cooper’s Linked In:

Other links we mention:

Classet Job Search, Apprenticeship search and trades school ratings:

Periodic Table of skilled trades - short tik tok videos and salary/career exploration to help people explore the different trades:

Video Skilled Trades Quiz to find your trades fit:

Classet handy helper - AI text bot - answer your trades questions via text:

Example of our pages answering questions about certifications requirements in each state

'Baseball Card' Portfolios for trades candidates - view pictures of trades projects and tradesman portfolios to stand out more:


They have a free tier of our Applicant tracking system for companies. 


This episode was recorded in November 2023