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Building HVAC Science

Jan 13, 2023

Today, I feel very in tune with this podcast’s stated mission:


Building HVAC Science covers a broad array of topics in building science and HVAC diagnostics, as well as human comfort, health, and safety….; this show will take a deep dive into all things that relate to buildings and people in the...

Dec 30, 2022

For several years, in southern Maine, a small group of building professionals have been getting together monthly to discuss building science.  


Many topics are brought up for discussion: high performance windows, venting cathedral ceilings, moisture migration in wall assemblies, slab on grade details, etc. The...

Dec 23, 2022

Today’s guest, Anna Desimone has done an awesome job compiling resources for consumers to learn about factors, features and benefits of building an Energy Efficient home.


Anna is author of Live in a Home that Pays You Back--A Complete Guide to Net Zero and Energy Efficient Homes, featuring national building programs...

Dec 16, 2022

My three esteemed guests/amigos shed some light on common misconceptions in the HVACR industry. Catch the video version here:


We talk about fun topics like:

-Heatpumps are only for the south of the Mason-Dixon line

-A1 refrigerants are Non-Flammable

-A2L refrigerants are Flammable

-R32 is...

Dec 9, 2022

Listen in as Phil Zito describes the journey he has taken from being bored, to blogging to building a business that provides top notch online training and workforce development programs. 


Formerly known as Building Automation Monthly, a newsletter and podcast in its early years, The Smart Buildings Academy has...