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Building HVAC Science

Jan 19, 2024

Eric and I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Dominick Guarino the Chairman & CEO of the National Comfort Institute (NCI) about its mission to improve the HVAC industry through education and training. Here are the key points:

NCI's origin and mission:

  • Founded in 1998 by Dominick Guarino and the late Rob Falke.

  • Driven by the desire to improve comfort, energy efficiency, safety, and health in homes and buildings.

  • Focusing on high-performance HVAC and the importance of measuring delivered performance.

NCI's activities:

  • Offers technical training classes on airflow, combustion balancing, refrigerant side performance testing, and more.

  • Develops and provides certifications, such as the only CO and combustion certification in the industry.

  • Emphasizes the importance of communication and customer service for HVAC professionals.

  • Helps contractors monetize their services by demonstrating the value they provide.

NCI's team:

  • Composed of passionate individuals with industry experience and a commitment to high-performance HVAC.

  • Key members include David Richardson (VP of training), Casey Contreras (trainer), John Perer (trainer), Al D’Ambola (trainer), Jim Ball (trainer), and Jim Davis ("Captain Combustion").

NCI's impact:

  • Trained thousands of technicians and contractors over the years.

  • Helped raise awareness about the importance of CO safety and proper combustion testing.

  • Contributed to the development of modern CO and combustion analyzers.

Additional information:

  • NCI has membership program with member benefits and a summit event every year.

  • Eric Kaiser's first HVAC industry class was NCI's CO and combustion class with Jim Davis, which significantly impacted his career.

Dom’s Linked In:

Learn more about NCI at

This episode was recorded in December 2023