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Building HVAC Science

Jan 5, 2024

Eric and I had the pleasure of interviewing Shawna Henderson, as self-proclaimed building science wonk: who works to keep it real in the field and make it real with online training for builders and renovators.

A unique thought she shares were her remarks on building science haiku: how structure, components and requirements can create thousands of variations.

Shawna, with 30 years of experience since 1992, is dedicated to energy-efficiency and housing. Her passion lies in building science, energy efficiency, and fostering collaboration for a sustainable residential construction industry.

As Blue House Energy's CEO, she focuses on online training for building science and energy efficiency. Their mission is to create quality online training for home renovation and construction pros, delivered through regional and national partners.

Under her Bfreehomes role, Shawna works on sustainable and accessible design projects, including deep energy retrofits and net zero energy homes.

She's an experienced presenter at conferences, with expertise in deep energy retrofits, solar thermal systems, and authorship of sustainable housing books.

Shawna's involvement extends to organizations like the NZE Coalition's Education Action Team, the Commission for Environmental Cooperation's Green Building Task Force, and CHBA's NZE Retrofit Working Group.

Specialties: residential energy analysis, barrier-free home design, solar home design, deep energy retrofits, plain language writing, and e-learning production.


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This episode was recorded in November 2023