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Building HVAC Science

Jan 26, 2024

Bill & Eric had a great time digging into the details of all things IAQ with John Ellis.


Our conversation covered a new air filtration product developed by John in collaboration with Dustfree. 


Eric queried John on the applications for and design of the product. John with his 43 years of field experience, describes the collaboration with Dustfree's engineers and the development of this novel filtration system that employs all five filtration methods and has received ASHRAE 52.2 credentials with a MERV 16 rating.


John elaborates on the technical aspects of the filtration system, explaining the static pressure drops for different unit sizes and emphasizes the filter's long life of 2 to 5 years. 


He also discusses how the product effectively addresses PM 2.5 and maintains its efficiency through a robust electrostatic component. He distinguishes this product from competitors, noting their shortcomings, and focuses on the unique features of their filtration system, such as even loading and a comprehensive approach to capturing various particle sizes.


A we wrap up, the conversation shifts to the practical applications and installation aspects of the filtration system. John shares insights into the design considerations for different furnace sizes and the simplicity of the filter box design, which requires either four or three filters, depending on the unit. He also mentions the flexibility of installation in various settings like attics, basements, and commercial spaces. 


Ellis covers his distribution strategy, emphasizing the product's ease of transport and assembly, which makes it convenient for contractors and distributors alike. 


Our conversation concludes with a discussion on building forensics and the importance of proper investigation and diagnosis in indoor air quality solutions, highlighting John’s extensive experience in the field.


John’s LinkedIn:


John is also very active in HVAC Facebook groups.

This episode was recorded in November 2023