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Building HVAC Science

Jun 24, 2022

SCIENCE - In pursuit of understanding in the moment.


Join us as Rachel and Eric Kaiser, a wife and husband team from Indianapolis, share with us their perspectives on HVAC Chemistry.


If you’ve attended or watched Bryan Orr’s HVACR School Symposium over the last 3 years you may have seen them present.



Jun 17, 2022

We’re joined on today’s podcast by Scott Ringlein, a Clean Energy & Sustainability Specialist & Consultant.


Scott was raised as a farmer and educated as an engineer with a first career path in the auto industry.


He ventured out on his own creating a second career in sustainability with a focus on...

Jun 10, 2022

If you’re in the HVAC field and you listen to podcasts, it’s likely you’ve heard of Gary MacCreadie. 


If not, here’s your chance to get an inside perspective on how and why Gary got into the HVAC Field and later started a podcast audaciously named HVAC Know-It-All.


Throughout the episode, we flip flop as...

Jun 3, 2022

On today’s podcast we are joined by Bryan Cordill, the Director of Residential and Commercial Business Development at the Propane Education and Research Council.


Bryan has decades of experience in the world of propane and in the energy industry in general. 


We cover topics ranging from propane as a source of space...