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Building HVAC Science

Jun 30, 2023

Brian Uhler calls himself a naturally observant builder.

This personal characteristic has served him well as understands the residential construction market with some keen observations.

Join as Brian explains how he came to learn about building science, later building it into all projects.

Also, hear about how he found...

Jun 23, 2023

Listen in as Bill chats with… himself!


He shares some recent, personal and business encounters and discussions that left an impression on him.

We hope you find them interesting.


This episode was recorded in June 2023.


Jun 16, 2023

Trevor Matthews shares with us his fascinating life story: from the moment he shifted his life interests from travel and surfing into the trades and as it led to forming the Refrigeration Mentor a training, education and mentorship program for the refrigeration trade.

Some notable thoughts from this episode:

“You can...

Jun 9, 2023

The 349 common connections Eric Kaiser and I share in LinkedIn speak a lot to the common perspectives we share.

Yet, it’s in the differences, in the weeds, where the conversation gets interesting.

Please welcome Eric Kaiser as TruTech Tool’s new Industry Engagement manager. And new co-host of this podcast.

We call...

Jun 2, 2023

Jeremy’s been studying the details for many years.


Details like:

Building and energy codes are becoming more and more stringent. 

Green building programs are driving more and more high-end construction. 

Products and construction techniques are rapidly evolving.

He’s also paid attention to what is sorely needed...