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Building HVAC Science

Sep 30, 2022

“Making building IAQ better is a long-term process.”


“We had all the answers before the COVID-19 pandemic, we just didn’t implement them.”


Bill Bahnfleth has a long and distinguished career as a professor of architectural engineering at Penn State University, a consulting and for the US Army Corps of Engineers.


In early 2020, ASHRAE tapped him to become the chair of a rare emergency task force to address managing IAQ in buildings considering the COVID-19 pandemic.


We will hear from Bill as he discusses how one puts together and manages a 120-person task force in such a short period of time.


Bill also discusses several of the myths that needed to be busted along the way.


He also shares with us his passion for music and the parallels his mastery of music has with his mastery of engineering: the fundamentals applied creatively, the art and the craft.


Some of the resources mentioned include:

ASHRAE Guides for COVID-19:


The ASHRAE design guides:



EPA Guides to IAQ:

This episode was recorded in September 2022.