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Building HVAC Science

Sep 7, 2018

After 31 years in business, 3 major career changes and 10 products (and counting) later, John Pastorello shares with us how, and more importantly why he built his business, Refrigeration Technologies.


John shares with us how growing up in the Atomic Age spurred his curiosity about the atom and yearning to be a nuclear physicist.


Fast forward 30 years later and John has managed to create a successful family owned and operated specialty chemical business focusing on all aspects of the air conditioning and refrigeration trades.


Learn from John how he approaches his work and gain some insight on how he transitioned from bench chemist to HVAC Contractor, then contracting business owner to the founder of Refrigeration Technologies.


Oh, and we also find out how Nylog got its name and how this product was developed by accident.


You can reach John at or visit their website at