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Building HVAC Science

Sep 16, 2022

In this episode with Ben Poole, a 3rd generation HVAC contractor and founder of HVAC Tactical, we hear a lot about motivation and mindset.


“It’s you who decides who you want to be.”


Ben runs Trusted Heating and Cooling in Austin, TX, yet found time to start the HVAC Tactical Apparel brand as he was searching for a new challenge. 


You can easily hear from Ben how he practices what he preaches, lays out a plan, and acts on it never letting self-doubt creep in.


And in 2020 he doubled down and created the first “Emmy-type” awards for amazing craftsmanship called the HVAC Tactical Awards.


The HVAC Tactical Awards Show follows the AHR Expo and will be held for the third time on February 5th, 2023 in Atlanta, GA.

250+ people are expected to attend this black-tie event which will include most of the HVAC influencers across all social media platforms.


The event will also be livestreamed, as it was in 2022. 


You can reserve tickets or nominate someone for the award at this link: 

Learn more Ben’s amazing apparel brand at

This episode was recorded in August 2022.