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Building HVAC Science

Jul 28, 2023

Let me take you back to a time, long, long ago, when Jim Bergmann did not understand everything in HVAC.

Listen in as we delve into the story of Jim Bergmann and how the communities of HVAC, and more recently building science, helped to encourage and challenge Jim to become the HVAC guru that we know today.

From his...

Jul 21, 2023

Connect and support: a kind and noble mission that can span all elements of humanity.

Connect in one way to understand. 

Connect in a second way to bring information streams together.

Conduit Tech is developing a means of rapidly connecting technical information to help HVAC contractors excel - what a cool basis for the...

Jul 14, 2023

A simple episode where Eric Kaiser (ELK) and Bill Spohn (OverKill Bill) riff on TruTech’s business philosophies: Core Values, Purpose and Niche and what kind of actions we take to put these words into action in the world. Also what we feel it means to be a good steward to the industry.

OH and cheer on #HVACLIFE team...

Jul 7, 2023

This episode should be helpful to business owners. 

However, anyone working IN a business should find it interesting to know more about one of the topics on the mind of many business owners: business succession planning.

After walking the walk of leading a $100M family-owned business through their transition, Laurie is...