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Building HVAC Science

Jul 1, 2022

Listen in as we chat with Cheryl Cieko, a professional with a mission to dispel myths, create awareness, and empower both professionals and building owners, Cheryl is a one-stop source of knowledge, education, and support having been through mold exposure and illness with her own family.


Cheryl describes how, as a licensed architect and industry educator, she provides strategies for professionals, building owners and individuals to better deal with water damage, mold and toxins in buildings.  


Her past responsibilities include 5 years as Midwest Regional Director and Senior Technical Director for the wood industry in North America.   


She brings tenacious research abilities, analytical thinking and experience to the topic of environmental health, while sharing design and construction solutions that make a difference.  

Lean more about Cheryl and her work at: or at - Science-Based And Expert-Guided BUILDING EDUCATION For Homeowners And Professionals


You can also email Cheryl at


This episode was recorded in December 2020.