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Building HVAC Science

Jun 18, 2021


“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

Jonathan Swift


Listeners to this podcast know, it is often very hard to explain what it is we do.


When I try to explain this, people’s’ eyes and ears glaze over as I get into the technical descriptions of the invisible elements that make a home more comfortable, safer, healthier and energy efficient.


(Wait, can an ear actually glaze over? I think ‘ve done it.)


What if there were an independent, third party means to capture and make visible the values we build into high performance homes and retrofits?




In this episode, co-founders Cynthia Adams and Robin Lebaron join us to explain how Pearl Certification is truly transforming the housing market.


They’re on a mission to make visible the invisible aspects that contractors know about. The elements that make all the difference in the comfort, health, safety, resilience, and energy efficiency of a home.


They are achieving this by qualifying an elite network of contractors and real estate professionals. These professionals work to improve home performance and ensure Pearl Certified homes are properly marketed and valued.


This isn’t a one and done effort. As your customers improve their homes, they continue to get credit for these improvements over time. The value of their high-performing home becomes visible at the time of appraisal for refinance or sale.


This is a nationwide for homeowners and the businesses that serve them with 45,695 homes Pearl Certified, so far.


I encourage you to learn more about become Pearl Certification contractor:


And here is information for Homeowners:


We have had guests from Pearl join us on this podcast before:

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This episode was recorded in April 2021.