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Building HVAC Science

Sep 9, 2022

The best way to describe Brett Dillon, it the quote his LinkedIn profile:


“I am an entrepreneur. 

Intensely curious, I transform industries because I see connections that others don't, relentlessly pursue better ways of doing things, and then use my influence to effect the desired change.

My action-oriented background and experience provides understanding in a broad range of subjects, and deep understanding in residential construction and building science.

An international award-winning former homebuilder, pro-wrestler, security consultant, and surveillance operative, I lead our team to provide unique and elegant solutions.”


In the podcast Brett describes how he is weaving together existing advanced methods for energy rating using a different approach.


Listen in as this intellectual ferret describes how is company aims to “help clients build better businesses that build better lives.”

Learn more about the Building Science Institute:

You can also connect with Brett on LinkedIn:

This episode was recorded in August 2022.