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Building HVAC Science

Aug 12, 2022

If you weren’t aware up to now, I am very passionate about Home Performance. 


So passionate, that I volunteer my time as a board member of, and now, Treasurer of the Building Performance Association or BPA.


Among many other things, BPA runs a series of excellent trade shows call Home Performance Conferences (HPCs) (formerly called the Affordable Comfort Conference that started in the late 1980s).


It was at a recent HPC that I heard several people remark that they were not clear on what exactly BPA was.


To overcome this lack of clarity, I will be running an intermittent series to discuss BPA and its activities, as, frankly, more people ought to know about them and tap into their resources, especially HVAC Contractors. 


In today’s episode I interview Steve Skodak, the CEO of BPA.


Steve shares with us his history as a leader of non-profits, the history and activities of BPA, including helping to set policy, state and industry outreach, apprenticeship models, as well as the paid and free membership benefits for those interested in better understanding or doing work in the field of building performance.


Listen closely and you will hear of the tie in between Steve’s career and expanding foam.






This episode was recorded in July 2022.