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Building HVAC Science

Jul 15, 2022

Learn about Andrew Greaves non-traditional career journey that took him from building maintenance to Director of Education and Customer Experience for NAVAC Global:


He received his HVAC training via Community College Night school but has self-taught in video and audio production.


Andrew suggests if you are looking for a mentor, perhaps you first start with a collection of virtual mentors sourced from social media: Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn


In our discussion he emphasizes there is no excuse for not learning in this trade- there are so many ways. He also notes key traits he has identified that helped in his career: integrity, authenticity, and communication.


Andrew suggests you be bold, put yourself out there, you may need to discover what you can do though trying out various aspects, perhaps learning or honing a skill.


He admits never saw himself in this role 5 years ago.


He also notes you may learn from some what you should do and from others what you should NEVER do.


Andrew suggests you leverage your experiences no matter how basic, by trying to perform the best at everything you do, never strop learning.


And that you may need to ask for help, so have the humility to do so.


And we close with his statement to keep your options open.

YouTube Channel: Search for Andrew Greaves (formerly AK HVAC)



This episode was recorded in May 2022.