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Building HVAC Science

Jun 24, 2022

SCIENCE - In pursuit of understanding in the moment.


Join us as Rachel and Eric Kaiser, a wife and husband team from Indianapolis, share with us their perspectives on HVAC Chemistry.


If you’ve attended or watched Bryan Orr’s HVACR School Symposium over the last 3 years you may have seen them present.


We discuss the relative scales of time and size as well as the properties and impact of water on HVAC designs and decisions and so many other topics!


We learn more about the scientific/chemical aspects of dirt on surfaces, coatings and filtration


Some notable thoughts:


Chemistry is like baking, only you shouldn’t lick the spoon.


Cooking is like jazz music- in its improvisational aspect.


Watch Ty Branaman interview Rachel at the latest symposium:


And here are some links to many other podcasts that Eric has done on a wide range of topics from careers to tools to HVAC charging and more.


And we are proud to announce that Eric will be sharing his knowledge and skills and working with TruTech Tools on a regular basis beginning in June 2022.

This episode was recorded in April 2022.