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Building HVAC Science

Jun 17, 2022

We’re joined on today’s podcast by Scott Ringlein, a Clean Energy & Sustainability Specialist & Consultant.


Scott was raised as a farmer and educated as an engineer with a first career path in the auto industry.


He ventured out on his own creating a second career in sustainability with a focus on energy efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy measures. 


Listen in as Scott shares his journey and achievements which include work for the U.S. Department of Energy and the founding of The Energy Alliance Group of North America in 2012. 


Scott helps us to understand PACE: Property Assessed Clean Energy. There are a lot of great resources on his website where EAG has a “four cores” approach to green and renewable solutions: Technology, Financing, Incentives and Services.


Learn more about the EAG here:  


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This episode was recorded in March 2020.