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Building HVAC Science

Nov 29, 2017

Today we interviewed Steve Baden the founder and present day executive director of RESNET: The Residential Energy Services Network. There are now 2 million US homes that are energy rated from Alaska to Puerto Rico. Listen to Steve discuss his background and motivations for starting RESNET, a home energy rating system that benefits consumers and builders. There is also good potential for enterprising HVAC Contractors who might add home energy rating on to their business. Links to topics discussed in the episode: RESNET’s consumer facing website: RESNET’s website for Professionals: Info on RESNET’s annual conference, coming up in Orlando Feb 26-28, 2018: (Bill Spohn will be presenting on 3 topics at this event.) Link to the RESNET Standards mentioned in the podcast: The ANSI/ Air Conditioning Contractors of American (ACCA), HVAC Quality installation standard, QI-5 You‘ll find several standards at this link: NREL: The National Renewable Energy Lab: