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Building HVAC Science

Feb 5, 2021


“I’ve been struck again and again 

by how important measurement is to improving the human condition.”

Bill Gates

Lend us your ears as Kaleb and Bill have a very fun interview with Ben Reed, VP of Products at TZOA, a relative new comer to the world of measurement products.


TZOA’s approach with the Haven product is totally unique: a retrofittable residential air quality monitor that lives inside the central air handler and can control 1 or 2 systems that can impact air quality.


Not just measurements/sensors, but control/solutions.


This product is exclusively available to qualified contractors and is NOT a DIY device.


In addition to a great streamlined product, the dashboard is AMAZING, largely due to the tight ties between the contractor-beta testers and clever product developers.


Learn more at these links:






The Haven product:

This episode was recorded in December 2020.