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Building HVAC Science

May 1, 2020

“I grew up thinking that a research scientist was a natural thing to be.”

Stephen Hawking

There’s physical science. And there’s a kind of science as to how the mind works and how people achieve their dreams.

Blend one-part plasma fusion physics with one-part commercial real estate and stir this in an open and creative mind and you have Peter Capuciati, the Chairman and Founder of Bluon and the guest of today’s podcast.

Starting in 2011, Peter has led the team at Bluon to develop a true solution for R-22 replacement. It’s called TdX-20 (R-458a), something unlike anything the HVACR world has ever seen.

It truly is an energy saving product, as they are demonstrating amp draw decreases of 10-20% and increases in capacity of 3-6%.

We love digging into the science of HVAC in this podcast, and Peter is the perfect tour guide for the challenging journey of creating a refrigerant chemistry that has been proven to perform in about 80% of R-22 systems. This is backed up by real-world testing on equipment, not just simulations

After an easy, free registration and testing process, techs can gain full access to the operating manuals of over 22,000 types of R-22 units as well as individual retrofit instructions and compatibility ratings for each unit.

Beyond all this, Bluon provides the training, know-how and demonstrates (sometimes in person) the skills necessary to successful do a successful conversion.

If this sounds like a commercial for Bluon, it sort of is, as we sell Bluon at TruTech Tools.

However, this is exactly the kind of product we love selling; smart, well supported and one that relieves a major pain point for our customers. Plus, it’s fun working with the energetic Ninja team at Bluon, or as Peter calls them the Analog Renaissance Cowboys.

You can learn more about Bloun at and join the thousand technicians every month that are downloading and using the app.