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Building HVAC Science

Mar 9, 2018

Bryan Barnes of Aeroseal, LLC joins us today to discuss two revolutionary technologies that greatly impact Building Performance: AeroSeal for sealing ducts from the inside out and AeroBarrier for sealing a building enclosure in the same manner. We hear about the science behind Aeroseal and the dramatic performance increases in comfort, energy and the health of the environment. Their smart-liquid sealant turns into an aerosol in their machine and actual finds and seals holes and gaps up to ⅝” in stated performance, yet larger holes have been sealed. If you’re an HVAC contractor, consider AeroSeal to make you customers more comfortable with far less time & labor in duct sealing in retrofit work allowing you to reach buried ducts. It’s also a time saver in new construction duct sealing, too. If you’re a builder, consider what AeroBarrier can do minimize the air changes of the envelope you are building to meet and exceed any existing or anticipated energy codes. If you are interested in learning more, or becoming a dealer of these highly differentiating products, go to or or email our guest Bryan at