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Building HVAC Science

Jun 7, 2024

In this episode of the Building HVAC Science Podcast, hosts Eric Kaiser and Bill Spohn welcome Tony Mormino, the Technical Sales and Marketing Director for Insight Partners, an HVAC commercial rep firm operating in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Tony shares his journey in the HVAC industry, which started 25 years ago when he helped his father, a residential HVAC technician. Seeking a different path, Tony pursued an engineering degree and eventually transitioned into HVAC sales. The onset of COVID-19 pushed him into marketing as he sought ways to maintain customer engagement online, leading to his current role.

Tony explains that Insight Partners represents about 60 manufacturers in the Carolinas, providing sales, support, and parts for commercial HVAC equipment. They assist engineers with designing systems, offering various equipment options and supporting the installation and maintenance processes. Tony emphasizes their commitment to educating and empowering the HVAC community through online tools and social media. He highlights the importance of providing valuable content that benefits the audience rather than promoting the company directly, using interactive posts and educational materials to engage followers.

The discussion also touches on Tony's podcast, the Engineers HVAC Podcast, which aims to offer professional development hours (PDHs) to engineers, particularly those in New York and New Jersey. Tony and the hosts discuss the evolving nature of marketing and content creation, the role of AI in enhancing productivity, and the importance of authenticity in content. Tony encourages the HVAC community to give back and support each other, emphasizing the value of constructive feedback and mutual growth in the industry.


Tony’s Linked in: (Company) (Podcast)  (YouTube channel)


This episode was recorded in March 2024.