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Building HVAC Science

May 24, 2024

In this episode of the "Building HVACScience" podcast, Wyatt Smith, founder and CEO of Upsmith, joined hosts Bill Spohn and Eric Kaiser to discuss his company's innovative approach to tackling America's skilled worker shortage. Wyatt detailed how Upsmith develops software aimed at enhancing productivity in the trades industry by using strategic technology to manage and improve workforce performance. He emphasized the importance of aligning employee behavior with company goals to drive profitability, especially given the challenges such as high interest rates and market uncertainty heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the podcast, Wyatt elaborated on the specific functionalities of Upsmith's software, which rewards tradespeople for their performance in real-time. This system not only increases productivity but also boosts morale by acknowledging and incentivizing workers' contributions. He shared insights on the impact of the pandemic, where many postponed home improvement projects were expedited, leading to a temporary surge in demand that pulled forward future opportunities, creating a more competitive environment for trades companies today.

Wyatt also discussed his personal journey from a farm in Alabama to leading a tech company, reflecting on the influence of his upbringing and education. He stressed the transformative power of technology in vocational training and workforce development, highlighting Upsmith’s role in fostering meaningful careers in the trades. The conversation also touched on broader industry trends, including the shift towards digital solutions to enhance service quality and employee engagement, underscoring the critical role of supportive technologies in the evolving landscape of skilled trades.


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This episode was recorded in April 2024.