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Building HVAC Science

May 17, 2024

In this episode of the Building HVAC Science Podcast, hosts Eric Kaiser and Bill Spohn are joined by Grant Gunnison from Zero Homes. The discussion kicks off with Grant mentioning upcoming conferences in Denver related to home electrification and heat pumps, which he, Eric, and Bill plan to attend. Grant shares insights on the complexities homeowners face when installing electrification technologies, emphasizing the time-consuming nature of getting familiar with new technologies and the challenge of finding reliable contractors.

Grant elaborates on the cumbersome customer journey in home electrification, from initial research to contractor consultations. He highlights how Zero Homes aims to streamline this process by simplifying access to information and reducing the need for multiple contractor visits through digital tools and comprehensive online assessments. The conversation touches on the significant growth in heat pump installations in Massachusetts as a positive market signal, yet acknowledges the broader challenges and long road ahead to achieve more ambitious installation targets.

The podcast concludes with a discussion about Zero Homes' business model and partnerships with contractors to facilitate efficient, cost-effective home upgrades. Grant shares the story behind the company's name and its focus on creating a zero-emission retrofit optimization process. The episode underscores the potential of technology and innovative business strategies to significantly improve the efficiency and sustainability of home electrification efforts, reducing both homeowner costs and environmental impact.


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This episode was recorded in May 2024.