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Building HVAC Science

Dec 1, 2023

Eric and I had a great conversation with Louise Kellar, the National Training Manager for UEi Test instruments.

We share a lot of common ground with Louise on education and proper application in test and measurement. And in this interview Eric and Louise literally shared the common ground they were standing on during the interview which was conducted in the TruTech west studio in Indianapolis, IN.

We learn how Lousie’s work experience has perfectly tailored for her current role at UEi and what it is like to work for a large family business.

We also discuss how women are still underrepresented in the HVAC industry, making up only about 2% of the workforce.

And we settle in on a number of things that can be done to encourage more women to enter the HVAC industry, such as:

Providing more opportunities for women to learn about the industry

Creating more mentorship programs for women in the industry

Promoting the HVAC industry as a viable career option for women

The HVAC industry is changing and becoming more inclusive, and there are more opportunities than ever for women to succeed in this field. We also reference Jennifer Manzo and HVAChicks – who came on in EP 129

Women should not be afraid to pursue careers in the HVAC industry, and they should know that there is a supportive community of women who are there to help them succeed.


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Women in HVACR group:


This episode was recorded in October 2023