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Building HVAC Science

Dec 23, 2022

Today’s guest, Anna Desimone has done an awesome job compiling resources for consumers to learn about factors, features and benefits of building an Energy Efficient home.


Anna is author of Live in a Home that Pays You Back--A Complete Guide to Net Zero and Energy Efficient Homes, featuring national building programs in the U.S. and Canada.

This is not a technical deep dive, but more of a consumer reference for understanding the blueprints of Building Envelope, Thermal enclosure, HVAC, Lighting and appliances, water management and more., 


Winner of three national book awards, Anna lights the way for understanding the home buying and financing process. She has written more than 40 professional handbooks on the topic of fair and responsible lending, and often serves as industry expert on news media.


Links for more about Anna and her books:

This episode was recorded in December 2022.