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Building HVAC Science

Dec 16, 2022

My three esteemed guests/amigos shed some light on common misconceptions in the HVACR industry. Catch the video version here:


We talk about fun topics like:

-Heatpumps are only for the south of the Mason-Dixon line

-A1 refrigerants are Non-Flammable

-A2L refrigerants are Flammable

-R32 is a replacement for R410a

-Reclaimed refrigerant does not have any value

-SEER2 has taken us by surprise

-Equipment brand names determine the quality, performance and longevity of service


Link to the Esco Group website:


Link to the National HVACR Education Conference:


Their video channel:


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Clifton Beck:
Jason Obrzut:

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This episode was recorded in December 2022.