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Building HVAC Science

Jul 5, 2018

What will housing look like in the future?

Who are some of the leaders?

What are some the topics driving this industry?


Bill Spohn welcomes back Chris Dorsi, contractor, educator, author and founder of to give an overview of all the great discussions held at the 2018 HabitatX conference.


We discuss the human aspect of housing which ties in intimately with the nature of this conference; it’s about the people. We take a walk through the 3 days of the conference* discussing how the structure of the agenda has evolved, who the participants are, including the 3 HabitatX Fellows that were sponsored this year. (Learn more about the fellowship application process by contacting


* follow the agenda at


We touch upon the timely topics of passive house construction, healthy homes, building material content disclosures and generating consumer demand for high performing homes. Check out the resources at, and and to learn more.


New this year is the publication of the HabitatX journal at See there the write ups that mirror this year’s agenda: Check it out.


You don’t want to miss this conference next year… the 2019 agenda will start to take shape by Fall 2018, so check back frequently at