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Building HVAC Science

Sep 23, 2022

Previously a commercial diver working offshore on all work below the water line Bill now works a lot around the dew point.


Bill’s roots are in residential construction, yet when he returned to that field he  

realized he lacked sufficient training he became a sponge for knowledge.


He’s spent many hours working at the LSU AgCenter work on rebuilding initiatives after Hurricane Katrina. 


In this episode he describes the LA House and the challenges to building in the hot humid climate he lives in. 


Check out Bill’s website at:

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Instagram — Bandanna Bill

Instagram — 504 Historic Windows

Facebook — Train2Build

YouTube — Train2Build

For more info on the LA House:


“A science-based showcase of solutions to shape your future with resilient, healthy and efficient homes.”

This episode was recorded in September 2022.