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Building HVAC Science

Aug 26, 2022

Better Marketing for Better Building Companies- Creating Leads, Lifting Conversions Driving Growth.


That’s the motto of the Energy Circle, the brainchild of our guest today, Peter Troast, a rare marketer who’s taken technical training in building science, a central topic amongst most of his clients. He’s also upgraded his office space for better IAQ and he monitors it.


The Energy Circle has been in business for 12 years, and I have known Peter for nearly that whole time. 


We even started a “Mastermind Group” ( several years ago with 2 other business owners in this market. 


We chose TUG as the unglamorous name of our group - The Unnamed Group - as our purpose was simply to connect, yet encourage and pull each other a long


Simple, yet effective helpful connections are what drives Peter’s company: I think of his 25 person team as data driven, expert communicators who are focused on service contractors in HVAC, home performance, solar and insulation – all key trades in the built environment.


If these topics interest you in the least, please take a few minutes and read a few posts from the EC blog or watch a free live or recorded EC webinar. You will walk away informed, if not inspired.


Peter is smart, kind, loyal and very hard worker – plus his knows his shit.

Peter’s email:


His company website:

This episode was recorded in August 2022.