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Building HVAC Science

Jul 22, 2022

I came to know of Ellis Prach back in the late 1990’s through his traveling classes when I was design engineering manager at Bacharach.


Later in 2000, when I was with Testo, I contacted him as we had just started to market a new visual inspection scope, based on plastic fiber optics.


You see, I have been obsessed for years with trying to solve the problem of more thorough inspections of heat exchangers and who better to talk to than the Heat Exchanger Expert!


His first reaction was, well, less than warm to the concept. However, our relationship blossomed into a true friendship as our families got to know each other.


In the last few years, Ellis has handed over the reins of his HVAC and Heat Exchanger Class businesses to his very capable sons, Chris and Russell.


Listen is as we discuss the important processes they use for their customers including the discussions around this important phrases: 


We try to make the equipment last longer than us.

The #1 cause of heat exchanger failure.

The class reveals all in the book.


Website to learn more or buy their book:

Book is also available at TruTech Tools:

Contact form to find about classes:


Their class is like NOTHING else you have seen. If you attend, you will never forget it.


This episode was recorded in May 2022.