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Building HVAC Science

Apr 22, 2022

I’m so pleased to welcome my friend Steve Coscia to the podcast!


You may have heard of him; he focuses on training customer service skills especially in the world of HVAC.


As a master communications trainer, he gets his points across via memorable story telling.


He holds awesome in-person training sessions (he has been to TruTech Tools twice!) and has books, newsletters, materials, and videos, all of which can be found though this website and YouTube channel: Links below


His 3 key principles of customer problem handling are contain, qualify and correct.


A lot of what he teaches may be considered life skills. You need to get a dose of Steve if you can.

You will also find Steve presenting at conferences and in the media/videos via other organizations like ACCA and The New Flat Rate.


This episode was recorded in September 2021.