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Building HVAC Science

Apr 15, 2022

In today’s podcast we hear from John Sheff who was the director of Public and Industry Affairs for Danfoss at the time of this recording.


We learn how John’s passion about energy efficiency, decarbonization and sustainability combines with his professional experience in Public Affairs, Government Relations, Project Management and Business Development to help develop strong solutions that meet our industry's needs.


We hear about the barriers to deep energy retrofits, limitations of the push for electrification as well as how people are thinking beyond the individual building to tackle building emissions.


We also talk about the need for variable speed technology HVAC systems that can ramp up or down to accommodate commercial space that is operating at varying degrees of capacity. And we touch on need to maintain constant, variable airflow as opposed to on/off air flow in indoors spaces with respect to what we have learned in response to COVID-19.


You can learn more about Danfoss products at this link:


And read more on Danfoss’ position on ESG at this link:


This episode was recorded in August 2021.