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Building HVAC Science

Apr 1, 2022

The title for this episode could mean a couple things:

  • “Getting an early start” as in developing an early morning routine
  • “Getting an early start” as in beginning to learn the trades in high school


Well, Elana Day takes the second meaning to an extreme.


Join us as Elana and her dad, Jordan, describe how she has become a LinkedIn phenom with a video of hers gathering thousands of views in a very short time.


Elana started at age 5 and now, at age 9 has quite a repertoire of projects completed.


You’ll enjoy hearing from Jordan, a licensed Master Plumber and Certified HVAC technician who employs the elements of Greek Pedagogy in raising his family.


Elana follows excellent safety practices and works hard to learn improve her skills. Yet, she is a “regular kid” who is just drawn to do this.


Jordan is an Autodidact – a term you may have heard Bryan Orr use before.

Wikipedia article:

You can find Elana doing her thing on YouTube at this link


Or by searching for Lil'MissFixIt on YouTube 


You’ll also find her dad, Jordan Day on LinkedIn:


…where he recently posted about Elana:

This International Women's Day, I would like to give a shoutout to my amazing daughter. She is 9 years old and wants to become an engineer, but she also has strong interests in the skilled trades. When it comes to her future career, her hobbies, her interests and yes, even her worldview, I do my best to let her carve her own path. I feel that she has already taught me more than I could ever teach her.”


This episode was recorded in March 2022.