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Building HVAC Science

Mar 18, 2022

This is my first interview with a founder of a publicly traded company and my second interview with a European guest!


Meet Erlend Bolle, whose life journey took him from working at CERN to a building a global, publicly traded company that innovates consumer and professional grade radon and indoor Air quality Monitors.


His team’s initial goal was to create a product relevant for all in volume production that improves people’s health.


Learn how the team at Airthings works to understand consumer needs as society, homes and the world changes over time.


CERN details:

27 kM (16.77 mile) diameter particle accelerator

You can find Erlend on LinkedIn:


And learn more about this company, AirThings here:

And see his products for sale at TruTech Tools, here:

This episode was recorded in January 2022.