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Building HVAC Science

Mar 11, 2022

Brett approaches sustainability with thoughtfulness and enthusiasm.


He is the Program Manager at GreenHome Institute, has been involved in residential sustainability since 2008, and holds a bachelor's in Sustainable Business. 


Brett has provided consulting and verification services on thousands of residential green-certified living spaces and certified four projects as a LEED Green Rater. Brett oversees education services providing training or moderations for hundreds of events with thousands of attendees. 


Brett lives with his family in West Michigan in a GreenStar certified home targeting zero carbon in 2021. His mission is to help you build, BETTER.


Additionally, he takes personal steps along these lines and share his experiences.


Learn about his radon monitoring experiences here:


He shares is Carbon Zero Home renovation journey here:

You can find Brett on LinkedIn:


Brett’s day job is Program Manager at the Green Home Institute:

This episode was recorded in January 2022.