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Building HVAC Science

Jul 2, 2021

“When you are enthusiastic about what you do, you feel this positive energy. 

It’s very simple.”


Paulo Coelho

The construction is finished. Bill and Mairlyn moved in months ago.


What’s it been like for Bill living inside his theories?


Were any late course corrections necessary? Any regrets?

In this podcast, recorded in April 2021, our friend Allison Bailes (The Energy Vanguard) becomes host and interviews/investigates if the SpohnHome as truly a high-performance home. 


Bill and Allison exchange thoughts on a variety of topics:

    A house needs to breathe

Air as a bodily fluid

Mean (and nice?) radiant temperatures and naked people

Various proven (and some sketchy) means for improving indoor air quality

Our favorite & reliable sources for information

What’s a Comparetto Cube?

And more!


Bill shares updates on what it’s like living inside his theories.


To learn more about the project you can follow Bill’s blog at


This episode was recorded in April 2021.