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Building HVAC Science

Feb 11, 2019

Looking to be a better HVACR Tech?


One key aspect is keeping up to date with changing equipment, products and techniques.

And that is no mean feat.


In order to do so, you need to help yourself to training and education where ever you can get it.

Like this podcast… especially because it is on a lesser known topic: HVACR Chemicals and sealants.


Mike Walton of CoolAir Products in Maryland, joins us on this episode to focus on 2 of the products he has brought to the US market: AC SmartSeal External- a line and coil repair product and AC SmartSeal Quick Shot, the 3 in 1 internal seal, lube and leak check dye. Interestingly, these two products work best together.


Mike discusses how and why he formed the company starting in his garage in 2014.


He describes his company’s focus on the technician, by making products that are safe, effective, and easy to use.  

Part of this ease of use comes because all products are 100 % safe to the touch, non-toxic and non-flammable.  That means no warning labels and for our friends in California, no prop 65 issues. Plus, he backs up the product with 3rd party lab testing by Intertek


Mike’s got a lot to share with the industry.


You can buy Mike’s products at wholesalers across the US or online at

If you want to learn more you can reach out to Mike at or