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Building HVAC Science

Jan 5, 2019

You may know the answer to this question:

“Why would I want to use an air flow hood?”


You might not know the answer to this one:

“How do I find a good air flow hood?”


Steve Rogers, President and Owner of the Energy Conservatory, joins us to answer both of these questions as well as provide a rich background to his company and his career.


We hear how a customer ride-along stimulated a multifaceted investigation into the critical parameters involved in making great residential airflow measurements which could lead to a breakthrough product in the future


Steve explains how milkshakes help him focus on customers’ needs in the product development cycle.


Visit to learn more about their products and training resources which are available through several distributors including TruTechTools,


If you read this before January 24, 2019, you can sign up to watch the webinar Steve will present with TruTech Tools on this topic: sign up link is

If you read this after that date, a recording of that video will be present on the TruTech YouTube channel: