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Building HVAC Science

Dec 9, 2018

We veer a little off the technical path in this episode as we discuss with Bryan Orr his educational missionary work in Haiti.


For the past 2 years, Bryan has led a small team of volunteers to first scope out and recently (November 2018) begin delivering basic trade education to native Haitians as young as 8 years old.


We hear about the leap of faith he has taken and how it has proven out in the overwhelmingly warm feedback from the people he has touched.


Learn how he addresses the logistical, practical and communications challenges he encounters with a systematic approach in a way similar to the way he breaks down the technical and business challenges in his everyday life as an HVAC Contractor/Owner.


We also gain insight into what is coming next for his work in Haiti.


If you want to learn more or get involved, reach out to