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Building HVAC Science

Dec 1, 2018

You’ll note no last names in this episode title, as I know Grace & Corbett so well.


And I think you need to know them better, too.


Grace McPhillips Lunsford and Corbett Lunsford have embarked on a road to change the culture of how home performance is perceived by homeowners and galvanize them into action.


A major section of this road opens in January 2019, where their TV Show, Home Diagnostics launches on PBS.


You can help spread the word on this topic by asking your local PBS station programmer to carry it. Learn more about this and see show clips (“the sizzle reel”) at


We explore how the topic of home performance is so personal and how the human characteristics of curiosity and playing games (metrics) can transform the market where all can benefit.


We also learn what a “tent pole” is and how it has not yet been erected in the field of home performance.


Find out how these brave souls continue to walk the talk after their 32-city tour in a tiny lab and into the construction of their new high-performance home in the Atlanta area.


Listen as we gain insight into how their technical minds work in a musical fashion: how melody, harmony and timing are analogous to the relationships between materials and systems in the home and the sequencing and consequences of the decisions made in choosing, using and install these systems.


This is a really rich episode, so please listen closely! And I will have them back on the podcast.


The hub for all their activities is found at