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Jan 4, 2019

Smartphones are great communications tools for contractors and techs.


But how do you organize and effectively share the right photos at the right time?


Listen in as Luke Hansen, former roofing contractor and inventor of the CompanyCam App, explains his journey from concept to successful business.


His low-cost service allows techs to share rich photo information without clogging up their photo library.


Rich info accompanies each photo: date, time, GPS location, user info and mark-ups & notes can be shared in your company, with the customer or with anyone you give the link to. Photos can later be sorted or filtered with data mentioned above.


If you’ve tried managing photos in DropBox, you know that takes a lot of discipline to keep things organized.


This app will save you hours of time cataloging photos or searching for ones you knew you took.


Video functionality is coming soon.


Go to for a special offer to listeners of this podcast.