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Building HVAC Science

May 19, 2018

Bill Spohn welcomes Chris Dorsi, contractor, educator, author and founder of Chris describes the current arc of his career which he describes as serial interventions starting with cutting timber for housing.

Chris shares with us his very thoughtful, respectful and practical perspectives on the housing industry, with a focus on building better habitats for people. We discuss passive houses, factory-built homes and the lost cost of space that no one wants to live in.

You’ll also be amongst the first to hear about his new initiative: House and Home: The New Pattern Language where Chris seeks to place in the context of today’s world the concepts set forth in the 1977 publication: A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander, et al.

In this episode, amongst many other topics, you’ll learn why he founded HabitatX and the meaning for the name for this un-conference/movement.